Proper British Comfort Food. 01 – Farmers’ Pie

Posted by Dunc on Jan 7, 2009 in British Recipes |

Farmers Pie

So we’re in the depths of a typical British winter. It’s cold as chuff outside which means only one thing. Time to dig in to some good old air jordan 11 fashioned comfort food! Now don’t get me wrong, Shepherd’s Pie is nice, but when you want something a little bit more special, Farmer’s Pie is where it’s at! This simple recipe for farmers’ mince is a posher version of Shepherd’s Pie, with the mouthwatering addition of Parmesan (yes you can get British Parmesan) and parsnips in the potato topping. The recipe also gives details on how to freeze this hearty meal so you can stock up good and proper. Tuck in…

Farmers’ Pie Recipe

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