Come on Alan! Sugar knows what’s good for us…

Posted by Dunc on Jan 15, 2009 in News |

Alan Sugar says we should all Buy British. I agree.

So I was in the local shop today, buying my bag of ‘BEST OF BRITISH’ Premium Potatoes. 2kg for 99p – not bad – but not quite as good as 2kg for 23p in Tesco the other week (gotta love them yellow and black discount stickers). OK, so Air Jordan Femme they were very nearly out of date and I shouldn’t have bought so many bags coz we now have enough frozen mash in the freezer to last till the next millenium, but I just can’t resist a Great British Bargain east inflatables blog!

Anyway, I digress…I spotted today’s Mirror while buying my spuds, and couldn’t help notice that Alan Sugar is joining the fight to get us out of this crunchy mess we seem to have gotten into. “Where possible – BUY BRITISH” says Sir Alan. Good Lad…

Easier said than done though ain’t it mate! We can but try though eh!

Want to know more? Look in the Mirror…

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