Shocking Behaviour

Posted by Lou on Jan 16, 2009 in Stuff |

I know it is not a good start to a blog that is promoting Buy British to say I’m in China! I know SHOCKING, but at the end of the day I have to earn a living and it just so happens that the long-standing ‘British’ company I work for manufactures in China.

I have this dream (God who do I sound like) that it would be lovely to see everything designed and produced in good old blighty. I voice my opinion on this quite a lot and although it’s a beautiful idea, the logistics are a nightmare. If we can find skilled people in the UK air jordan 4 to make the products, it still causes a problem because all the components are made in China. Not only does fail to boost our economy but also the air miles will still be through the roof!

Anyway all this economy talk is well out of my league…..I promise from now on I’ll only talk about food and fashion – my two favourite subjects of conversation.

Not long till I get home and the first thing I want is Covent Garden soup and a Pie Minster pie…more on that later ☺

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