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So I’m back to work today after seven weeks of christmas, holidays and work trips. Basically I’m trying to lose the weight that I gained over Xmas so no more trips to the vending machines and certainly no trips to M&S for lemon cheesecake. So I went to work today armed with British apples and bread from Barbakan and my soup.  Since we had the largest celeriac known to man in our fridge, yesterday I decided to make a soup. I threw together some garlic, a whole celeriac, leeks, onion and some  carrots (all British) and some chicken stock, watch out Nigella. It looked lovely in the pot, its just when you blend it, it just looks like baby food! Back to the drawing board on that one. Tea made up for it though, parsnip, potato and cauliflower curry (again all British).

Ps I know the Muppets arent British but I love them and this was the best lunchbox I found.

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