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I’m home!

As I’ve spent the last two months in the depths of Christmas celebrations and work trips to China a good old-fashioned detox is in order. Since I’m usually away in January, I start my New Year’s resolutions a little late, not like it makes a difference because I never stick to them! This year will be different, I’m approaching thirty and its time for huge changes.

This year along with the usual suspects (I must not smoke, I must go to the gym more) I have decided that I will buy British wherever possible.

So I will start with a GREAT BRITISH DETOX to try and repair my body of the wrongs I have done over the past few months and support British produce at the same time.

But I’ll start all that detox stuff tomorrow. My first port of call when returning home….. Wild at Heart. Wild at heart is a deli based in Chorlton (www.wildatheart.uk.comand they have the most amazing selection of cheeses, salads and cakes amongst other things. One of their aims is to support local and rural economies and when it tastes this good, I’m totally down with that. After literally stuffing my face with cheese, ciabatta, olives, stuffed peppers and finishing off with an organic chocolate cheesecake, I sheepishly looked at my mass of empty plates and decide to go home. I have just been in China for two weeks! I am just wondering how long I can use that excuse for.


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