Great British Spuds and The Potato King

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The latest veg box from Abel and Cole arrived today with some interesting info about the potatoes they have sourced. Hopefully they won’t mind me copying their newsletter word for word on the blog (a good bit of advertising for them at least!) :)

From the Farm…

The King of Potatoes

Andrew Dennis is a decendent of ‘The Potato King’. For the coronation of King Edward VIII in 1901, Andrew’s grandfather was asked to supply potatoes for a dinner the King had organised for the poor of London. The potatoes were such a hit that they started calling him ‘The Potato King’. If you venture to the town of Kirkton, near his family’s Woodlands Farm, you’ll see a statue of William Dennis standing proudly outside the town hall.

Taste a morsel of Andrew’s current crop of Pink Fir Apple potatoes and you can see that he’s proudly carrying on the family tradition of farming to a royal standard.

“Pink Fir Apple” potatoes are a very special breed”, Andrew notes, “In Victorian times they were considered an aphrodisiac”.

This heritage variety is unique in any ways. For one, it has an exceptionally delicious nutty taste, “They also have a really funny, knobbly shape”, says Andrew. “Because of this, they must be picked by hand.”

Just as you’d picture traditional apple pickers walking through orchards with wicker baskets in which ti carry their fruit, Andrew and his team tumble the gathered Pink Firs into little baskets, before being transferred into wooden crates.

Woodlands Farm is in a stunning location in the fertile Lincolnshire fens. You can see six church steeples poking out while standing on the farm. The gorgeous spot has drawn many artists and poets to stay on the farm to paint and write. We hope you find the Pink Firs equally inspiring!

Well I don’t know about inspiring, but they certainly are pretty delicious! I know the cynics amongst you will argue that the story above is just an excellent example of ‘rose-tinted’ marketing spin to sell spuds at a premium, but I personally like the fact that I know a little more about where my food is coming from and feel happy that I’m putting something back into Britain at least.

Potatoes as an aphrodisiac? Hmmm…I let you know about that one!

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