I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been too busy making snowmen

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Its been ages since I’ve posted.

I feel I have neglected my duties.

So…lots to write about.

1st lets talk skincare.

LIZ EARLE. If you’re like me and you’re basically allergic to everything (I’m atopic apparently), skincare can become a boring lifeless chore. Well, that was until Liz Earle came along. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the Cleanse and Polish is and when you wash it off with a muslin cloth you feel so clean.

OK skincare is over, lets talk food (that didn’t take long). I know, I’m becoming really sad. I’ve found heaven is when I get home and I can dive into my cookbooks and plan out dinners. I’ve been so happy with Abel and Cole – the parsnips have seriously rocked my world. I love how the man turns up in his van every Wednesday at 9.30am, I love rituals!

Unfortunately this week I’ve been away so I haven’t been able to make the Easy Carrot and Coriander Soup but Covent Garden Soups have been a nice change.

So far we have stuck to buying British really well. After watching the Great British food fight all of our meat is Organic free range and British. All of our fruit and veg is from Able and Cole, of which most is sourced from Britain. We are obsessed with potato and rosemary bread from Barbakan and I’ll never eat a yogurt that isn’t from Longley farm again.

I will point out that I’ve not become a mad Daily Mail reader just yet, even though they do have excellent celebrity gossip online.

All in all, a month and a half in, we have saved money because we aren’t lured by rubbish in supermarkets and I’ve lost weight because we aren’t eating out all the time and our food is more wholesome.

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Feb 17, 2009 at 3:23 pm

Hey, like what you’re doing! You might be interested in some new online stuff coming along for Covent Garden Soups and our good pals at Tyrrells (THE best thing to happen to spuds ever!)

Feb 17, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Thanks for your comment. It’s good to know that someone is reading it. I love Tyrrells crisps, especially the Parsnip one’s, I think I overindulged in them once at the pub :)


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