British booze and cheese night

Posted by Lou on Mar 7, 2009 in Stuff

Roll on the British booze and cheese night 

(and crumble)



My house

All Carry On Britain peeps attending.

I will update tomorrow :)


New Favorite Supermarket

Posted by Lou on Mar 3, 2009 in Food Shopping

It’s official!!!

I have a new favorite supermarket.

Sorry Waitrose but if you were only cheaper we would be a match made in heaven. Anyway Morrison’s is fab!!! A new store has opened near where I work and its all shiny and new, and bizarrely not that busy inflatable water slides clearance.

Not only is a lot of the produce grown in Britain but they have a small section which is local to your area. The meat is all 100% British and on both the website and in store it says what sort of the life the chickens have had prior to the chop. I’d prefer for all the chickens to be free range happy chickens but I’ll leave that fight to Hugh.

So I finally managed to get some Yorkshire rhubarb…wahoo!!!


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