Carry On Britain does the Yorkshire Dales – Part 01 – Wensleydale Cheese

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This weekend saw the Carry on Britain team travelling to the Yorkshire Dales in search of cheese and good bitter (I know, so easily pleased). Over the next few days each one of the team will give a round up of what we did and where we went but I will kick off with a basic round up and to talk about the best and the most important (in my opinion) WENSLEYDALE CHEESE.

Ok, so this weekend the team and I packed up the car full of camping equipment and essentials such as toilet roll and beer and headed to the Yorkshire Dales. After a brief break on the side of the M61 to mourn the loss of the camping chair that fell out the roof box, we arrived in good time. We pitched up the tent (more about the campsite later) then headed out for a walk to a pub in Muker for lunch and refreshments. We spent the afternoon drinking beer, eating ploughman’s lunches and soaking up the sunshine. That evening we spent the evening making a fire (a real necessity when camping in early May) and having a bbq. It was only later when we retired to the pub to get warm that we realized soaking up the sunshine resulted in the reddest nose I have ever seen, my nose has only just returned to normal 3 days later!

On Sunday, after a rubbish nights sleep we decided to go home via Wensleydale and the Black Sheep brewery.

So now the best bit……



We did the tour (which was a fantastic bargain at £2.50 per person) and saw where the cheese is made and watched a video on the whole process. All very interesting, but I was itching to get to the best bit. The shop, the shop where you can taste all the Wensleydale cheeses.

So what was on offer? Wensleydale, Mature Wensleydale, Extra Mature Wensleydale, Yorkshire Blue, Smoked Blue, Wensleydale with cranberries, blueberries, mango and papaya, Wensleydale with chives, Wensleydale with Onion and also Wensleydale with ginger. Not forgetting Goats milk Wensleydale and also Cheddar with wholegrain mustard :)


It was brilliant. We bought loads. My favourites were the Yorkshire Blue and the Wensleydale with onions, but my ultimate favourite is Wensleydale with mango and papaya. We also brought a ginger Wensleydale cheesecake, which did rock my world – No cheesecake will ever live up to that! All in all…very exciting. After that we decided to go to the Black Sheep Brewery and then to Theakston’s Brewery where I had a bitter revelation and things went slowly downhill (in a good way) from there.

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