Carry On Britain does the Yorkshire Dales – Part 03 – Rukins Campsite

Posted by Dunc on May 25, 2009 in Places |
Cheese, beer, BBQ walks.

Cheese, beer, BBQ walks.

2 hours North of Manchester are the Yorkshire Dales and Swaledale is at the top. We bravely camped in the first week in May in Keld (where apparently it always rains – but not when we were there!).

We stayed at Rukins campsite which is located on the Pennine Way and is therefore nicely busy with walkers and campers.

The campsite has amazing views over the dales, a small shop, cafe (lush bacon & egg sarnies) and a stream where you can build your own fire. It’s brilliant and there are some decent pubs nearby – one is a bit of a hike into Muker but well worth it for the views and, obviously, the beer.

The Sunday Times recently reckoned it was one of the best walks in Britain (after we had visited of course!).

We had a great time there and we think you would too!

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