Eden Hall Day Spa.

Posted by Lou on May 29, 2009 in Places |

5677_eden_hall_day_spa Last weekend I had a lovely weekend with the ladies. We decided to spend the day at Eden Hall day spa  in Newark near Nottingham. I am originally from that area so it is always nice to go home. The spa is lovely, it was so lovely to spend the day immersed in girly chat and we managed to get some sunbathing in. The reason why I am writing this is not to show off about my day spa experience but to tell you about the food, the best bit. It’s always about the food I know. The lunch was superb and all the ingredients were locally sourced. I think I loved it because it was all locally sourced to my home. The meat was from Tuxford (where I went to school), the beer was from Sutton which is down the road, the cheese was from Cropwell Bishop. Just to top it off I had my favourite pudding Eton mess. I was officially the happiest person ever that day, and we topped off the evening with some beer garden action sampling good old English cider.

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