Have You Tried a Finkle Pie?

Posted by Dunc on Jun 20, 2009 in Food Shopping |

Do you even know what one is?

Well I’ll tell ya its potato, bacon and onion encased in a crunchy, buttery pastry that’s what!

I stumbled upon these little gems whilst at the Lancashire Country Show – a phenomenal treat of Country wares and games such as Ferret racing and grass cutting competitions. It was, of course, brilliant in a quirky old-fashioned-good-clean fun-manner and in between the local festivities I picked up a few of Britain’s best edible treats including the awesome Finkle Pie.

Pots and Pies are committed to producing quality pies made from carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients. Using old fashioned skills they convert traditional recipe fillings such as Pigeon and Pea & Wild Boar and Chestnut into delicious hand raised pies.

Try the minted lamb or the beef and ale with some mash and gravy on the side – yum yum I say!

Sadly Pots n Pies don’t have a website (which makes me love them even more!) however they can be contacted on 07515 652 611 or info@potsnpies.co.uk

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