Helvellyn. Walking up Big Hills in the Lake District

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There is officially nowhere better than Britain when it is sunny.

We have just spent the last week doing a mini tour of Britain, well two places so it was very mini. We firstly went to the Lake District and stayed at a fab campsite called Side Farm featured in Cool Camping which was on the side of Ullswater, via a small slightly scary dirt track. The campsite was lovely, if not a little crowded and having to sleep on a slope was interesting. We arrived on the Friday afternoon and set up camp and then started how we meant to go on and drank a lot of cider. A brief BBQ later and off to the local pub for some more cider, this is always important to us that there is a local pub within a short walk.

The main reason for our trip to the Lakes was the climb our favourite mountain Helvellyn which we had done two years ago. I love this mountain! I always feel like it tests me and with a small hangover from the previous night, it certainly did test me. When we arrived at the top (I won’t bore you will all the details) but Duncan asked me to marry him. The comedy line was “It has taken us a long time to get here” (meaning years), to which I replied “Why, what time is it, I thought it only took 2 hours?” thinking he meant how long to climb the mountain. Then I realised he was on one knee, holding a ring :)

Anyway the rest of the weekend was spent drinking cider and local ale, eating loads of nice food and then getting back to Manchester to prepare for camp part two….off to Cornwall.

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