The Lizard Cider Barn, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

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“She makes cider inside ‘er inside…”

There’s not a lot to say about this little place except that you should really drop in if you’re going anywhere near the Lizard Peninsula and you have a penchant for the appley goodness of cider.

Rebuilt from part of the wartime RAF station at Predannack, The Cider Barn is a fairly new addition to the area. Home to Cornish Blacksmith Cider, they actually make the good stuff on site. Drop by to enjoy tasting the wide selection of different ciders, wins, liqueurs and meads. They also have an outdoor display of ancient Cider presses too wildstar platinum.

There was such a massive selection that me and Louise had a bit of a problem choosing, so we ended up buying a big selection which we then merrily ‘tasted’ back at the campsite. :)


Little Winding Streets and The Cornish Range in Mousehole

Posted by Dunc on Jul 27, 2009 in Places


Hidden just round the corner from Penzance you will find a higgledy piggledy place called Mousehole…

I think them there locals pronounce it ‘Mowzel’ but please don’t hold me to that!

Mousehole is a very beautiful and quaint fishing village on the western tip of England, out towards Lands End. Nestled onto the hillside and down to the water, this gorgeous little fishing village retains bags of charm and character and is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

In the height of summer, I imagine it is a bustling tourist destination with its numerous art galleries, craft shops, little harbour and little white sandy beach. Parking is a bit of a premium so (after a manic squeeze through the tiny, winding streets) we dumped the car at the top of the hill and wandered down to the village centre. Luckily it was a very bright and sunny day so it gave us a chance to top up the tan while taking in the views.

Tempted by the smell of fish and chips and site of cream teas, we decided to stay there for lunch. A little way up the hill we found The Cornish Range which had a very cool, contemporary and relaxing restaurant inside. As it was sunny, we plonked our bottoms in the garden at the back and enjoyed a cool beer/wine for the lady, while tucking into some very well cooked seafood.

Checkout the website for a sample menu and more information about the place. I wasn’t surprised to find out later that this is quite a highly regarded restaurant in the area. They also have 3 guest rooms which would make an ideal place to stay for a cheeky night away. Another place that comes recommended (thanks to Mark Glynne-Jones) is the Old Coastguard. Well worth checking out if you’re looking to stay in ‘Mowzel’.

Overall, Mousehole was a really nice place to visit. However, as heavenly as it looks – after watching a poor ‘L’ plated driver navigating round the one way system, blind corners and crazy tourists – I imagine it’s hell to learn to drive there. Eak!



Great British Paper Made by GF Smith

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Here’s one for the graphic designers out there! Any print designer worth their salt should already be aware of this great paper manufacturer but for those who don’t – a recent postcard popped through the letterbox extolling the virtues of their Britishness so I felt duty-bound to bung it on the blog…

For over 100 years, GFSmith have been trading from their warehousing and manufacturing head quarters in Hull, East Yorkshire as specialty paper merchants. They source and manufacture some of the most interesting, beautiful and also unusual papers for the Graphics and Printing Industries.

Whenever a nice job comes around with a decent budget, one of the first things that designers reach for is the iconic SEA Designed ‘ink splash’ GFSmith swatch book (stolen erm ‘borrowed’ from my last place of work) to pick out some weird and wonderful stocks. Invariably, budgets get cut and the paper choice gets tamed – but hey – us designers can dream, can’t we?

GFSmith cards and papers get used in a multitude of creative ways from simple business cards, to elegant stationery and exquisite invitations. Folders, brochures and annual reports to greetings cards and packaging. Indeed, as they say on the website – wherever there is a need for paper there is a need for GFSmith.

This tradition and innovation from 100 years of experience make GFSmith some of the most unique and respected paper people in the world. As their beautiful union jack emblazoned, red, white and blue triplexed, metallic screenprinted, 350gsm colourplan mailer says…

GFSmith are British
GFSmith are privately owned
GFSmith are independent
GFSmith are 110 years old
GFSmith are unique

Amen to that!


//Geeky paper-fetish gushiness. Done! :)


Tatty Spuds and The Great Tyrrells Taste Test

Posted by Lou on Jul 24, 2009 in Food Shopping


A wise woman once asked me “what is your favorite vegetable?”

To me this is an easy question. It is quite obviously the humble potato (although parsnips come a very close second).

Potatoes are ultimately versatile, but of the many end uses, the best is most definitely crisps!

This is where our friends at Tyrrells Potato Chips step in. I became very closely acquainted with Tyrrells one evening in our local pub, where I demolished bag after delicious bag of mixed root vegetable crisps until, alas, I couldn’t look at another parsnip ever again (ok, well it was only for a couple of days until we made potato and parsnip mash).

Anyway, where am I going with this?….oh yeah…crisps! I love crisps, what an amazing concept – I could live off crisps and cheese and be really happy for the rest of my life (I’d be fat, but at least I’d be happy). So last week, after a really rubbish day at work, I was over the moon to find Tyrrells had sent us a box of crisps to try…wahoo!!! Makes going to work worthwhile when you come home to that (sorry Duncan). If you sign up to their website, then you too can become part of the taster panel. Every month they randomly pick people from the list and send out 100 boxes of crisps for people to try. If you love food and love life, then you definitely should be doing a bit of Tyrrelling :)

Tyrrells was named after the farm where William Chase, the founder of Tyrrells was brought up and still currently farms. In the late nineties, Will traveled the world researching the perfect potato chip production methods and brought his knowledge back to Herefordshire where Tyrrells potato chips were born. All the potatoes are grown locally within a 50km radius of the farm and they use some delicious varieties such as Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta bounce house sales canada.

You have to check out their very beautifully designed website for more info and the full selection but I urge you to have a bag of the Ludlow Sausage with Wholegrain Mustard crisps! Lush!

Kettle crisps had best watch out! :)

On a final note, they now do potato vodka. See – I told you potatoes were the best vegetable 😉

PS… You can get in touch with Tyrrells on twitter… @Tyrrells give them a nudge and tell them we sent you :)



Check this tea towel out.

Posted by Lou on Jul 17, 2009 in Food Shopping, Stuff


I have just found this from Stuart Gardiner, a tea towel with a yearly guide to 74 British seasonal fruits & vegetables printed on it. It comes in a six colour unbleached organic cotton tea towel and its made in the UK.water splash island laguna reviews

How cool is that.

You can buy it here

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