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Here’s one for the graphic designers out there! Any print designer worth their salt should already be aware of this great paper manufacturer but for those who don’t – a recent postcard popped through the letterbox extolling the virtues of their Britishness so I felt duty-bound to bung it on the blog…

For over 100 years, GFSmith have been trading from their warehousing and manufacturing head quarters in Hull, East Yorkshire as specialty paper merchants. They source and manufacture some of the most interesting, beautiful and also unusual papers for the Graphics and Printing Industries.

Whenever a nice job comes around with a decent budget, one of the first things that designers reach for is the iconic SEA Designed ‘ink splash’ GFSmith swatch book (stolen erm ‘borrowed’ from my last place of work) to pick out some weird and wonderful stocks. Invariably, budgets get cut and the paper choice gets tamed – but hey – us designers can dream, can’t we?

GFSmith cards and papers get used in a multitude of creative ways from simple business cards, to elegant stationery and exquisite invitations. Folders, brochures and annual reports to greetings cards and packaging. Indeed, as they say on the website – wherever there is a need for paper there is a need for GFSmith.

This tradition and innovation from 100 years of experience make GFSmith some of the most unique and respected paper people in the world. As their beautiful union jack emblazoned, red, white and blue triplexed, metallic screenprinted, 350gsm colourplan mailer says…

GFSmith are British
GFSmith are privately owned
GFSmith are independent
GFSmith are 110 years old
GFSmith are unique

Amen to that!


//Geeky paper-fetish gushiness. Done! :)

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