The Lizard Cider Barn, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

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“She makes cider inside ‘er inside…”

There’s not a lot to say about this little place except that you should really drop in if you’re going anywhere near the Lizard Peninsula and you have a penchant for the appley goodness of cider.

Rebuilt from part of the wartime RAF station at Predannack, The Cider Barn is a fairly new addition to the area. Home to Cornish Blacksmith Cider, they actually make the good stuff on site. Drop by to enjoy tasting the wide selection of different ciders, wins, liqueurs and meads. They also have an outdoor display of ancient Cider presses too wildstar platinum.

There was such a massive selection that me and Louise had a bit of a problem choosing, so we ended up buying a big selection which we then merrily ‘tasted’ back at the campsite. :)

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