Frittatataa!! (not a spelling mistake)

Posted by Lou on Sep 9, 2009 in British Recipes, Carry On Britain on a budget


Ah the humble frittata.

What can I say, its easy, its cheap and it can be very healthy.

This is a recipe for the best frittata and its so healthy because it has no cheese in, plus all the ingredients are home grown in Britain or if you’re really smug, home grown in your garden. I am not that smug though.

This serves two people.

Get some left over spuds from the day before, about 8-10 boiled baby potatoes.Break up the spuds and fry them off in a little oil.

Leeks, 1 whole leek will be suffice, wash and gently soften in the frying pan.

Ok so we have softened leeks and fried potatoes. Mix the two together in the pan and pour over 4 eggs whisked and then the best ingrediant, some chopped rosemary. Fresh is best and dont be scared on how much you put in.

Thats it, brown the bottom of the frittata and then put under the grill the cook the top. Serve with salad or my favorite baked beans. Simple :)

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