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Well it had to happen at some point didn’t it!

Unless you’ve had your head stuck firmly in the sand for the last year (and to be honest, with the recessionary doom and gloom – who could blame you), then you will probably have seen the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters that have been floating around the web.

So the story goes, the original posters were issued by the Ministry of Information during World War II for the purposes of propaganda and to boost morale on the Home Front. Lost for a generation, a copy of the poster was found in an auction along with a load of old books. The lucky buyer put the poster up in their house and got so many compliments that they decided to reproduce it. As the crown copyright had passed, it was fair game for anyone and everyone to start producing them which is why the web is littered with some brilliant (and some not so good) reproductions and parodies.

As we’ve been spending some time recently in a screen printing studio, we decided to put our new-found skills to good use and make our own version – and it seemed pretty obvious that Keep Calm and Carry On Britain should be the message.

The posters are lovingly screen printed by hand onto 150gsm, acid free “Canford” paper which is manufactured in England by Daler-Rowney, a British company who have been producing artists materials and ‘Inspiring Creativity Since 1783’.

Our Keep Calm posters are 40cm x 30cm in size and come in a beautiful range of colours to suit any room in your house. Please excuse us for trying to flog you something but…well…there’s a recession on don’tcha know and we need to make a few quid to fund our further travels around Britain :) wildstar gold

To see the full range or to maybe even buy a poster – keep calm and carry on over to our friends at Ryne Arts Gallery.


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