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Posted by Dunc on Apr 12, 2011 in News, Stuff |

Well well! What a monumental loss of focus we have had on this very blog. For that we are eternally sorry :)

In all honestly it’s been a world of change for us. No longer do we brave the murky grey skies of Manchester (although the city is strangely missed), as two of the team moved out into the Peak District countryside and the other two of us have moved down to Nottingham. New jobs, new homes and new places to visit.

Although, this little website has unfortunately been neglected, I have very much been keeping tabs on the plethora of British Made craft and produce to emerge over the last year or so. At times it has seemed to me that the whole country has felt the need to champion our manufacturing abilities again, which is great. I hate to use the word ‘trend’, but it’s become quite apparent that ‘British Made’ produce has became a major selling point for the high street retailers and supermarkets alike.

At the start of our little task, it was actually quite hard to find some British fruit, veg and produce in the major supermarkets even when it was in season. This seemed to change quite quickly last year, and I vividly remember walking into Sainsbury’s one day and noticing loads of little Union Jack styled ‘British Produce’ tags on the aisles helpfully pointing things out.

Unfortunately, where there’s a bandwagon, people inevitably jump on it, so there’s also been an influx of mass produced tat covered in union jacks that’s quite blatantly manufactured overseas with little regard for quality. I like to call this ‘Brit Washing’ and if I see another badly copied version of Emma Bridgewater’s iconic mugs then I may crack!


So once again, sorry for the tardiness in posting. Hopefully my next one will be sooner than 2012! There’s actually a little pub close by that prides itself on serving local produce and also has something on the menu called ‘The Great British Platter’, so it would be rude not to give it a whirl and report back. ttfn.

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