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Posted by Becs on Jun 22, 2015 in British Recipes

Treat Coupon Booklets at Wendy

It is getting closer to Halloween, and a lot of us don want to have that tempting candy in our
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cheap oakleys Americas favorite fast
fake cheap oakleys food restaurants are going to help you out of your candy eating dilemma this year.Wendy Burger King, and McDonalds are all offering coupon books available for a low price which can then be handed out as when the children come knocking at your door.

Wendy restaurants will be offering the $1.00 Trick or Treat book which includes five coupons for a Jr.

Burger King is offering their coupon booklet for the same $1.00 price tag, however their booklet is for one small Icee or soda, and seven free value size french fries. The Burger King Trick or Treat coupon booklets are on sale until October 31st, 2010, and will expire on December 31st, 2010.

Last on the list is McDonald who has the most variety included within their Trick or Treat booklet.For yet another dollar, you can score coupons for three apple dippers, three small apple juices or milk jugs, three hamburgers, and three small ice cream cones.Their coupons are on sale until October 31st as well, and redeemable through December 31st, 2010.The McDonald coupons are only redeemable by children under twelve!

These are neat Trick or Treat items that will give the receiver a nice snack, while keeping you from eating up all the candy.We
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cheap oakleys the candy bowl while waiting for the all the Trick or Treaters to come our way.Come to think of it, you can
fake oakley sunglasses cheap also go and buy the coupon books for yourself, but that sort of defeats the whole purpose.Articles Connexes:

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Posted by Becs on Jun 22, 2015 in British Recipes

Your Insurance May Cover The Brace

In the medical field, many physicians recommend that their patients get lumbar sacral corsets to help support their lower back. A corset type of brace can
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cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses information, a corset should extend from a point 10 millimeters distal to the xyphoid process and it extends down to a point that is 10 millimeters superior to the symphisis pubis. These supports can be very helpful in facilitating the healing process and can also help to reduce back pain. Often times, corsets (as well as other braces) can be applied over a t
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Your doctor may suggest that you use a corset after a surgical procedure for your lower spine, to help give you more support. They can give you pain relief and support but they are not usually used for people that have very unstable spine problems. If your spine is unstable you will probably want to get (or have your patients get) an LSO
fake oakley wholesale or TLSO depending on the level of
cheap fake oakley sunglasses involvement. Corset type braces are typically used as a reminder for individuals and can also be a helpful aid when you do not need to turn to a more rigid support.

2.) General
fake oakley sunglasses cheap Differences Among Corset Types (Lumbar Sacral vs. Dorsolumbar Corsets)

There are basically two kinds of corsets. One
oakleys sunglasses type is for your lower back (as described above) and the other type of corset is used for people that can not tolerate rigid braces. We are referring to what is called a dorsolumbar corset here, when the brace is used for more than just your lower back and incorporates a patient’s thoracic spine as well. What this means is that dorsal lumbar corsets typically extend the length of someone’s back and have over the shoulder straps that help to prevent people from flexing their spine. This can assist people who have posture challenges (such as a sagittal imbalance) or even a compression type fracture.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Frittatataa!! (not a spelling mistake)

Posted by Lou on Sep 9, 2009 in British Recipes, Carry On Britain on a budget


Ah the humble frittata.

What can I say, its easy, its cheap and it can be very healthy.

This is a recipe for the best frittata and its so healthy because it has no cheese in, plus all the ingredients are home grown in Britain or if you’re really smug, home grown in your garden. I am not that smug though.

This serves two people.

Get some left over spuds from the day before, about 8-10 boiled baby potatoes.Break up the spuds and fry them off in a little oil.

Leeks, 1 whole leek will be suffice, wash and gently soften in the frying pan.

Ok so we have softened leeks and fried potatoes. Mix the two together in the pan and pour over 4 eggs whisked and then the best ingrediant, some chopped rosemary. Fresh is best and dont be scared on how much you put in.

Thats it, brown the bottom of the frittata and then put under the grill the cook the top. Serve with salad or my favorite baked beans. Simple :)


Blighty Bubbly – is UK wine actually any good?

Posted by Becs on Apr 10, 2009 in British Recipes, Carry On Britain Events, Food Shopping, Skincare


It’s all very well buying English veg, meat, bread etc. You have to look that bit harder, shop in more places, sometimes spend a bit more however ultimately the great tastes and sense of smugness from eating something that is fresh, local, supports the economy and tastes great is well worth it.

However for us to still sip that Sauvignon Blanc from the Malborough region of New Zealand, or Tuscan Chianti is a bit of a cop out for the Brit Bloggers. And, lets be honest, the booze is a large chunk of our pocket money….

Thus the English Wine and Cheese Evening was announced! ‘What a superb idea’ we all bullishly cheered in a famous five fashion (but secretly worried that this was going to be an evening in drinking nasty vinegary concoctions). Oh well, the stinking bishop will mask the taste.giant water slide

The big day arrived and I hadn’t bought any wine, safe in the knowledge that surely all the big supermarkets are selling Blighty Vino nowadays. But this is not so…a trip around M&S was fruitless as was Tesco. Even the trusty Co-op was focusing its efforts on the Chilean Red (so much for shop local).

So it had to be Waitrose. Brilliant that I had an excuse to legitimately shop there as my tight-fisted Yorkshire boyfriend forbids it normally.

Waitrose is where I found Chapel Down English wines.

The retailer only stocked 2 English wines and both were from Chapel Down which is a winery in Kent – the Garden Of England.

Check out their website for more info on their products and their ethics.

So I bought a bottle of Chapel Down Brut and a Pinot Noir (er not very English sounding). At £16.99 the Brut is mid priced and tastes as good as any similar priced champagne. In fact it’s more than good – its really nice! The white was perhaps not light enough for my palate however (I’m not a big white wine drinker) and certainly no connoisseur.

It’s a shame that the UK cannot produce a red (for the time being my Rioja is safe) however Chapel Down offer a wide range, spanning white, rose and fizz, including a Taste of England Case of 12 bottles inc Brut for £101.00.

It was a definite eye opener and I’d buy the Brut again and would like to try to rose. We all agreed twas a huge success!

Oh, I forgot to mention that at the checkout I was asked for ID which, at the age of 31, was immensely flattering and a gargantuan ego boost. What’s more, in addition to the UK wines, its just another reason to keep visiting Waitrose…


Proper British Comfort Food. 01 – Farmers’ Pie

Posted by Dunc on Jan 7, 2009 in British Recipes

Farmers Pie

So we’re in the depths of a typical British winter. It’s cold as chuff outside which means only one thing. Time to dig in to some good old air jordan 11 fashioned comfort food! Now don’t get me wrong, Shepherd’s Pie is nice, but when you want something a little bit more special, Farmer’s Pie is where it’s at! This simple recipe for farmers’ mince is a posher version of Shepherd’s Pie, with the mouthwatering addition of Parmesan (yes you can get British Parmesan) and parsnips in the potato topping. The recipe also gives details on how to freeze this hearty meal so you can stock up good and proper. Tuck in…

Farmers’ Pie Recipe

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