Cheshire Smokehouse

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“In the spacious and hygienic preparation areas of The Smokehouse, salmon is salted and smoked; bacon, hams and other meats cured and sliced. Elsewhere, the smoke stoves are filled with sweet-smelling chippings of maple and oak which impart the distinctive taste to Cheshire Smokehouse products.”

Doesn’t that just get the old taste buds rolling! I love the thought of the big stoves going on a crisp Winter’s day.

Cheshire Smokehouse is based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, and basically it does what it says on the tin.Australia


As both ‘farm shop’ and national branded producer, The Smokehouse is an oasis of quality and service in a world of blandness and uniformity. What really makes The Smokehouse different is that most of the products you see and eat – even the fantastic smoked nuts! – are made right there on the premises, with all the expertise and attention to detail you’d expect.


The meat is fantastic, I have long been a fan of their smoked bacon which we have virtually every saturday morning with fresh eggs and Barbakan bagels. We recently did a little trip out to the smokehouse to stock up on some meat. The prices are very competitive with the supermarkets and it’s lovely to know that it is all reared and prepared on site. I just have to be really careful that I don’t blow the budget on sticky toffee pudding and other goodies in the Pâtisserie.

So that rounds it up for another year. I know we have be a little sparse for the past few months but the Carry on Britain team have big plans for 2010. So, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Frittatataa!! (not a spelling mistake)

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Ah the humble frittata.

What can I say, its easy, its cheap and it can be very healthy.

This is a recipe for the best frittata and its so healthy because it has no cheese in, plus all the ingredients are home grown in Britain or if you’re really smug, home grown in your garden. I am not that smug though.

This serves two people.

Get some left over spuds from the day before, about 8-10 boiled baby potatoes.Break up the spuds and fry them off in a little oil.

Leeks, 1 whole leek will be suffice, wash and gently soften in the frying pan.

Ok so we have softened leeks and fried potatoes. Mix the two together in the pan and pour over 4 eggs whisked and then the best ingrediant, some chopped rosemary. Fresh is best and dont be scared on how much you put in.

Thats it, brown the bottom of the frittata and then put under the grill the cook the top. Serve with salad or my favorite baked beans. Simple :)


Carry On Britain on a budget

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The recession has hit Carry on Britain!

Two weeks ago I lost my job, well I took voluntary redundancy, to pursue my career as a freelance designer (shameless plug alert! lovelittle). Anyway, this forced us to re-evaluate our lifestyle on a grand scale. No more going out for dinner, no more trips to the coast and no more deli counters with their fancy cheeses and stuffed olives. It’s back to basics for Carry on Britain but our ethics and beliefs  wildstar platinum will not change. Throughout our journey I will be looking for healthy, cheap, British food and I will document our journey here. Just check the menu bar for Carry on Britain on a budget for regular updates.United States

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