St Ives Beef from Trevalgan Farm, Cornwall

Posted by Dunc on Jun 12, 2009 in Food Shopping, Places

So, it turns out that the Farm that we were camping at (Trevalgan Holiday Park) rear their own free range beef…

We didn’t actually realise this till the very last day, so we weren’t able to sample the home made beef burgers or steaks on offer. Flippin Typical! Luckily though, Trevalgan supply their St Ives Beef nationwide so I have placed an order and will keep you updated about how nice it is and whether it is as tasty as the Aberdeen Angus Beef from Cedar Barn in North Yorkshire Aufblasbare Zelte.

A little about St Ives Beef…

St. Ives Beef comes from Trevalgan Farm which lies on the cliffs just outside St. Ives in an area of outstanding natural beauty. All the free range, traditionally reared cattle are born and raised within 4 miles of St. Ives. During their life at Trevalgan they are allowed to roam freely and graze naturally on grass and home grown forage crops. The lovely people at Trevalgan don’t believe in routine vaccinations or in the force feeding of concentrates to promote speedy growth so their bullocks are allowed to grow at their own pace. To quote them “It’s no wonder the cattle from here produce some of the finest beef we’ve tasted and you don’t just have to take our word for it!”

I certainly won’t just be taking your word for it…bring on that beefy box so I can have a taste :)

What a load of bullocks…

As Trevalgan Farm is so close to the cliffs and coastal path, they have their own little nature trail which takes in loads of beautiful views and even an ancient burial ground. Lou and I set off across the fields following the signs and that’s how we found out about the St Ives Beef. Infact we came face to face with it… st-ives-cows Lou’s a bit scared of cows so after ‘the stand off’, we made a hasty retreat over the fence and continued on our little adventure towards the sea and cliffs. As you can see from the photos below, the scenery is absolutely stunning and the weather was fantastic! trevalgan-signtrevalgan-cliffs Uh Oh… Did I mention Lou’s a bit scared of cows? Well you can imagine the look on her face when we walked over the top of the hill to be faced with this little lot. Oh Parp! Luckily there were a few fellow walkers on the cliffs that day so with a bit of trepidation, we made our way through the baying mob! more-cowseven-more-cows

If happy, healthy cows are your thing…

then I can definitely say that this lot are having a loads of fun scampering around the cliffside hills and field’s (don’t worry – they are fenced in so there’s no chance of them making a beeline for the beach and coming a cropper on the cliffs!). They seem really happy even if they do look a bit grumpy up close. Checkout the St Ives Beef website for more details about wildstar gold the farms and also to place an order for a box of beef containing a variety of cuts. Mooooo!


Fowey, Cornwall and more importantly – Sam’s!

Posted by Lou on Jun 9, 2009 in Places


Sams in Fowey.

It’s definitely on my list of favourite restaurants.

We had a quick search around Fowey when we arrived, to suss out the different restaurants but Sam’s caught my attention straight away. You can’t book a table and you almost certainly have to wait, but this is a clear indication of how good it is.

The people are really friendly and you can get settled upstairs with a drink and order your food from there.

I was in seafood heaven and because the fella is allergic to shellfish, so I just threw caution to the wind and ordered as much as I could.

I had calamari to start, followed by the seafood feast which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The mussels were just incredible and you got a big chunk of bread to dip in the sauce. I have fantasised about this meal every night since I have had it. It was just brilliant!!!

I really can’t recommend this place enough, it’s well worth the wait and if you love fresh, well cooked seafood then this is the place for you.

It also had a recommendation from Hugh (the God, Fearnley Whittingstall); it doesn’t get much better than that.

PS. No pictures were taken in Sam’s because we were to busy enjoying ourselves, so you will have to look at my ugly mug instead :)


Helvellyn. Walking up Big Hills in the Lake District

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There is officially nowhere better than Britain when it is sunny.

We have just spent the last week doing a mini tour of Britain, well two places so it was very mini. We firstly went to the Lake District and stayed at a fab campsite called Side Farm featured in Cool Camping which was on the side of Ullswater, via a small slightly scary dirt track. The campsite was lovely, if not a little crowded and having to sleep on a slope was interesting. We arrived on the Friday afternoon and set up camp and then started how we meant to go on and drank a lot of cider. A brief BBQ later and off to the local pub for some more cider, this is always important to us that there is a local pub within a short walk.

The main reason for our trip to the Lakes was the climb our favourite mountain Helvellyn which we had done two years ago. I love this mountain! I always feel like it tests me and with a small hangover from the previous night, it certainly did test me. When we arrived at the top (I won’t bore you will all the details) but Duncan asked me to marry him. The comedy line was “It has taken us a long time to get here” (meaning years), to which I replied “Why, what time is it, I thought it only took 2 hours?” thinking he meant how long to climb the mountain. Then I realised he was on one knee, holding a ring :)

Anyway the rest of the weekend was spent drinking cider and local ale, eating loads of nice food and then getting back to Manchester to prepare for camp part two….off to Cornwall.


Eden Hall Day Spa.

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5677_eden_hall_day_spa Last weekend I had a lovely weekend with the ladies. We decided to spend the day at Eden Hall day spa  in Newark near Nottingham. I am originally from that area so it is always nice to go home. The spa is lovely, it was so lovely to spend the day immersed in girly chat and we managed to get some sunbathing in. The reason why I am writing this is not to show off about my day spa experience but to tell you about the food, the best bit. It’s always about the food I know. The lunch was superb and all the ingredients were locally sourced. I think I loved it because it was all locally sourced to my home. The meat was from Tuxford (where I went to school), the beer was from Sutton which is down the road, the cheese was from Cropwell Bishop. Just to top it off I had my favourite pudding Eton mess. I was officially the happiest person ever that day, and we topped off the evening with some beer garden action sampling good old English cider.

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Carry On Britain does the Yorkshire Dales – Part 04 – Theakton’s Brewery

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Our second destination in Masham was luckily just over the road from the Black Sheep Brewery so it was only a hop, skip and a jump to sampling some more fine ales…

The Theakton’s Brewery visitor centre was much smaller and cosier place than the Black Sheep Brewery which was right up my street. Again, we opted to forego the tour and head straight to the pub (some things never change!)

A little about Theakston’s Brewery…

Way way back in 1827, it all started when Robert Theakston leased the Black Bull Inn and brewhouse in Masham. In 1875 his son, Thomas, built the famous brewery that still stands today on an area of Masham known as “Paradise Fields”, hence “The Black Bull in Paradise” named Visitor Centre.

It’s taken around 180 years for Theakstons’ range of classic and seasonal ales to develop into the legend that they are today.

The brewery has seen numerous changes during that time including ownership battles and development of many of the traditions still in existence today. Scottish and Newcastle took charge of the brewery for a stint, but now it is back in the very capable hands of the Theakston Brothers (Nick, Simon, Tim and Edward) – the fifth generation of Theakston brewers.

The beer…

Classic Ales

Seasonal Ales

Rather than write an account of each beer – please click on the links above to read the tasting notes from the Theakston website who perfectly describe the tasty range of flavours in each brew.

The verdict…

We had to sample a few different ales to try and reach a decision but in the end the panel was still divided. Surprisingly, Lou and Becs (who aren’t really bitter drinkers) really liked the full bodied strong and deep flavour of ‘Old Peculiar’ which is quite rightly known as a legendary ale. Gray was partial to a pint of Best Bitter and I really liked the fruityness of Theakstons XB. Basically, they are all pretty damn tasty and well worth trying!

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